Self-Care Weekend

Since my last post, life has been kind of crazy for me.  Between work, family, friends, and my own stuff, I had little time to catch my breath and take time for myself.  I decided it was time for a self-care weekend, which is a self-care break extended.  I disconnected myself from Twitter, Facebook (mostly), and home and I took the weekend to live in the present moment and take it simply for myself.

My self-care weekend happened to take place just at the right time for me since my friend happened to be in town from out of state.  We spent the weekend doing the Seattle tourist bit, which is always fun to do with visitors since I never really get out and do those things.  Our weekend included downtown, Seattle Center, and the piers and that was only Saturday.  We also spent the weekend talking and catching up.  That is invaluable when times are tougher regardless if the discussion is on the difficult stuff or not.  I cannot stress the importance it had on my weekend and time spent with my friend, especially since I usually do not have that day-to-day.

The possibilities for self-care weekends are truly endless since everyone is different.  I would highly recommend if you are having a difficult time or are stressed out to take the time for yourself whether it is in the form of 10 minutes, an hour, a weekend, etc.  Take a day or two to disconnect from social media and other types of things that are not always the healthiest.  One of the other things that I have disconnected with, which I continue to disconnect from, is TV simply because I felt too triggered at the time by commercials.  It is okay to take care of yourself.  If you cannot believe that right now, keep repeating it until you do.  Make yourself a priority and take good self-care.

Check back in the next post or two for some self-care ideas.  I will post some of my personal favorites.