Kristin’s Self-Care Favorites

Below I compiled a list of my favorite self-care activities.  It is not always easy to figure out what to do for self-care, so I hope this list helps you get started on your new, improved self-care journey.  Remember: this list is my personal favorites list and it may not be right for you.  Compile your own list of self-care activities that you enjoy.  Refer to that the next time you do not know what self-care activity to do or to get started with better self-care.  As always, take good self-care! ❤

Kristin’s Self-Care Favorites
(in no particular order!)
  • Taking breaks, naps, “time-outs”, etc. 
  • Going for a walk, run, or hike (I would recommend Mt. Rainier to anyone looking for a beautiful hike)
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Going on a drive or road trip
  • Reading or writing/blogging/journaling/etc.
  • Listening to music
  • Watching movies (whether at home or in a theatre)
  • The beach or a park (Seattle Center is great)
  • Spending time with Sweetie (my kitty)
  • Sports (playing or watching) namely football (Go Seahawks!), football/soccer (Go Sounders! Forza Azzurri!), and hockey (Go Canucks Go!)
  • Spending time with friends whether in-person or via text/phone
  • Photography
  • Museums (Chihuly is a must-do for Seattle art fans)
  • Dancing
  • Extra long showers/baths
  • Scrapbook- and card-making
  • Getting a nice haircut
  • Other arts and crafts (such as collages)
  • People watching (downtown Seattle is a great place)
  • Sitting outside even at home
  • Swinging on a swing set
  • Video games (WoW, CoD, Halo…)
  • Camping (I<3Outdoors)
  • A treat like froyo, cookie, etc. (Menchie’s anyone?)
  • Going out to eat, fancy or not (Sushi please!)
  • Shopping (no purchase necessary)   
  • Going to fairs, festivals, etc. (The Puyallup Fair in Sept. here is my favorite!)