Kristin’s Reasons to Recover

With everything that has been happening in my life lately, my future and my reasons to recover have been especially on my mind.  I am particularly motivated and inspired by those big reasons for recovery.  It seems as though in this moment in time things are more possible than ever.

Up until this point, my reasons for recovery have been comprised of positive aspects of my life and changeable goals.  Although those still exist for my reasons, I can feel these things within my grasp.  No longer are they simply reasons to keep me motivated hour to hour, day to day, but very achievable, very tangible things and emotions.

I am already experiencing many of my reasons for recovery.  With more and more of these positive experiences, I am more motivated to continue in recovery towards the goals and other positive things that I have yet to achieve in my recovery.  I cannot wait for the day when I can finally go to graduate school, love my body, fully love myself, and be a self-sufficient adult (to name a few).  Every day I am closer to achieving these and I know one day I will.

Here is my list of my reasons to recover.  It is not perfect, exhaustive, or in any kind of order.  I challenge everyone to make their own list.  What are your reasons to recover?  What positive things in your life do you fight for?  If you do not struggle with an eating disorder or mental illness, I still challenge you to make a list.  What positive things keep you going in your life?  What changeable goals to you have in the short-term or long-term?  Ready?  Go!

Kristin’s Reasons to Recover

  • To be able to write and create (my blog, stories, poetry, cards, collages, scrapbook pages, etc.)
  • To go to graduate school and study in a field of psychology
  • To be a self-sufficient adult
  • To fully enjoy and be present in sports–football, football/soccer, hockey, etc.
  • To be able to play sports myself
  • To never be without my Sweetie kitty
  • To be able to eat my favorite foods ever
  • To be able to bake in peace
  • To feel the rain and watch a storm
  • To be present at family gatherings
  • To never miss a moment, especially holidays
  • To have a family and be the mother I wish to be
  • To have meaningful, fulfilling relationships with those around me
  • To be active including going camping and hiking, which is simply essential to happiness
  • To freely drink coffee and caffeine!
  • To enjoy my clothes and have a few designer pieces
  • To be an example not a statistic
  • To love the person I am
  • To love my body
  • To be able to go to the beach every day (if I want to!)