BEDA’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2013

This week is the Binge Eating Disorder Association’s (BEDA) Weight Stigma Awareness Week.  I am so grateful to be included in this event amongst some of the most amazing people as a Featured Blogger.  I encourage all of you to check out all of the posts and events throughout this week and the Keynote Speaker, Brian Cuban, tonight.  It is a fantastic lineup of posts and events that I know will touch, inspire, and fascinate everyone.  I cannot express to you how excited I am!

Here is the schedule for the week:

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Weight Stigma is such an important topic to discuss.  So many people are affected by weight stigma every day through judgements or stereotypes, bullying, biases, and discrimination.  It is a very real problem with very real consequences.  Words are not simply words and we must all be mindful of the way we treat each other, fat or thin or “average sized”.  In the end, a person’s weight or size means absolutely nothing about who a person is, how healthy they are, how smart they are, or anything.  It is simply the body in which a person inhabits.

Weight Stigma is also not necessarily an external thing.  One of the things in my personal journal, which I wrote about and will be posted on Thursday, is that weight stigma can be an internal stigma.  After years of feeling external weight stigma, I internalized the negative things that were being said to me and the overwhelmingly negative messages I was hearing about being “fat”.  That internalization still affects me today.

I very much encourage all of you to read the posts, participate in the events and talks, and whatnot.  It is/will be an amazing and inspiring week.

To check out the entire event and all the posts visit this link: BEDA.

Do not forget my post will be posted on Thursday.  I will put up a link on that day.  Until then, take good self-care! 🙂