In Times of Struggle

I must confess something…  At the moment, I am really struggling.  I very much hate to admit it, but I am.  And I feel guilty and ashamed about it.  I feel as though I should be better than this.  It hurts all that much more that I am not the strong, positive person that I usually am.  Right now, I am sad and upset and I am struggling to stay positive.

There are several factors contributing to why I am feeling so down and a few reasons behind it.  I am doing as much self-care as possible to help.  It is definitely not easy to practice good self-care when you lack the energy and motivation, but that is when it is most important.  It is in times like these when despite not being able to feel very much joy that still do what brings you joy regardless, still participate in life as much as possible, and take good self-care.  It brings you back from the depths of whatever it is you are lost in.  That is exactly the place where I am now—pulling myself back up.

It is also in times like these that self-compassion is so incredibly important even if you do not believe it is.  Instead of engaging in self-punishment in any form, engaging in kindness and compassion towards yourself.  Tell yourself it is going to be okay, validate how you feel.  Try as hard as possible to stop being upset and angry at yourself for alleged transgressions you commit.  Like right now, I need to let myself know that everyone struggles and there is no reason to be ashamed or feel guilty.

I am reaching out as much as I can right now as well.  Having a support system is essential, especially one that is trustworthy and reliable.  (Otherwise it would not be a support system!)  I am very grateful and fortunate to have an amazing support system around me including my family, friends, and team members.  I have been open and honest with them about what is going on and have been trying to work through what is going on.

This down-swing is temporary.  It will not last forever.  I will overcome this and smile again.  It may take some time and a lot of effort, but it is worth it.  Recovery is always worth it. ❤