Writing, Advocacy, and Networking–Oh My!: NEDA Conference 2013

Once again I am at a loss for words.  This conference has been so incredibly amazing and inspiring for me.  I simply cannot express how excited, happy, and grateful I am for all the connections, opportunities, people, etc. here.  It has been one of the most incredible, awesome, amazing, inspiring, hopeful experiences of my life.  How awesome is it that I am here and in recovery to experience this!

I have connected with former treatment centers and providers, various organizations, people from Twitter, and quite a few people from the NEDA organization.  I am blown away by the response I have received and the people I have been able to meet.  I never thought I would ever make it to this place and meet these people/organizations, but I have.  And I have been able to say how wonderful and in recovery I am.  How incredible is that!  I am able to share my story and the joys of experiencing recovery and what it is to tell others about it.

No words can truly express how amazing I feel at this moment or how deeply I feel it.  No words can express how much I have enjoyed my time here and connecting with all of these people and organizations.  The connections and networks that I am starting to build are absolutely astounding and beyond what I imagined.  I am so grateful and excited to see where each of them take me in the future.

One thing that touches me so much is re-connecting with my former treatment center, Eating Recovery Center.  I have been able to speak with my former doctors, share with them how well I have been doing in recovery, and let them know how much ERC has meant to me in my recovery.  That is truly one of the most amazing aspects of this conference–connecting with former providers.  It means so much to be able to look at them from a place of recovery and joy and say thank you.  It is so incredibly meaningful and simply happy.  I am eternally grateful to these doctors and to ERC for helping me on my path to recovery.

I am so grateful to NEDA for this opportunity.  It has truly been life-changing and inspiring in so many ways.  I could never say thank you enough.