The Incredible Journey of Recovery

I am feeling at this moment so grateful for my recovery and so in awe of the journey.  It was only two years ago that I truly began to pour myself into my recovery.  I started to make healthier decisions.  I found a complete treatment team and worked hard during appointments.  And, when it came to needing to go to treatment for a second time, I went with determination.  I went with only recovery on my mind and with a mantra of “manage my resistance” to help keep me on track.

In the last year especially my journey in recovery has been incredible.  So much has changed and evolved.  I made the conscious decision to continue on the path of recovery over and over and over again and stuck with it through some difficult times.  I overcame some huge obstacles and have come further than ever in dealing with my biggest issues that contributed to me being so sick with my eating disorder.  I have felt more hope than despair, more life than lifelessness than at any other time in my life.  Though it has been hard, sad, and sometimes painful, it has also been beautiful and hopeful.  Beautiful and hopeful because I can see and experience life and hope like never before and I know I will reach a day where I will not be in recovery, but be recovered.

There is always hope.  Recovery is possible. ❤