New Year’s 2014: Resolution to Recover

Welcome to 2014!

It is the New Year, which means time for resolutions, diets, workouts, commercials, and a bombardment of advertisements letting us know that we are not good enough, too fat, etc.  For those of us in recovery it is an especially tough time of year because the holidays were tough enough and now we face fighting off triggers from nearly every direction.  We face slips and relapse from all the diet talk, negative advertising, etc.

It does not have to be that way though.  Despite this being still a difficult time of year with all the resolution-making and diet-talk going on, it does not have to be overly triggering and you do not have to engage with it.

The first step is to know your triggers.  We are all different in what triggers us–what triggers me may not trigger you.  Be aware of what triggers you.

Once you know your triggers, it is about switching the channel when the commercial feels too triggering or not reading an article when it feels too triggering.  It is about choosing recovery over whatever triggers you and engages your eating disorder.  It is remembering recovery is more important than relapse.

If you ever forget why recovery is so much more worth it than your eating disorder, write out your reasons for recovery or look back at a prior list if you have one.

And instead of believing you are not good enough and a new year is a chance for a “new you”, how about focus on all the ways you are good enough and all the things you have accomplished.  What kinds of things are you looking forward to this year?  What little goals do you have for yourself?  How about long-term goals?

It is a new year and you are good enough.