Healthy Weight Week

Next week, 19-25 January 2014, is Healthy Weight Week sponsored by Green Mountain at Fox Run.  It is a week dedicated to healthy living free from diets and obsessing about weight.  It is dedicated instead to finding acceptance and love in our bodies at our healthy weight.  How amazing is that!  The week is highlighted by the Slim Chance awards, the Body Image awards, and the (new!) Healthy Weight blogger resources list, which features the top 35 blogging resources to follow for keeping health as a priority and not weight.  The rest of the week is filled with activities, discussions, and articles each day.  It is worth a serious look: Healthy Weight Week.

One of the reasons why I am so excited is that this message resonates with me so much…

Before my eating disorder, I spent a lot of time dieting and trying my hardest to lose weight.  One of the Slim Chance award winners, Special K, was one of the many things I tried during my many failed attempts.  I could never understand why I kept failing and only felt more miserable about myself and about my body.

Now in recovery from my eating disorder, I still struggle with my body image.  I have that dieting person I used to be in my head screaming along with my eating disorder.  Both scream and tell me that I will not be good enough or lovable or worth anything if I am fat or heavier than a certain amount of pounds or a certain size.  And you know what?  They are wrong!

What if this type of week existed back then?  What if someone told me that I was beautiful or taught me about positive body image?

That is why weeks like that are so important and why they mean so much to me.  I hope that you all check this week out and utilize the resources.  There are a lot of useful articles, links, and discussions during the week.

Don’t forget: You are beautiful.