BEDA 2014: Opening Night

I have been anxious for days over what to expect coming here. What was this conference going to be like? How would it differ from the NEDA one? Would I “fit” in? All the anxiety brought me to a pretty steady tremor and by the time I went up the elevator to the conference, I thought I would burst into an anxiety attack!

But then I saw the people I knew, the people I care about and that care about me, and I took a deep breath and slowly dove in. I am so glad I did because it was such a rewarding start to this conference!

It is incredible to meet all these individuals and see those I already know. It feels so fulfilling and deeply satisfying to be able to share my story and what I am passionate about as well as discuss what others are passionate about. The collaboration and networking fulfills this need that I have that I do not often get to fill at home when I am writing by myself.

I look forward to tomorrow and what more I will learn and who else I will meet. I feel so hopeful and filled with possibilities.

Keep checking my Twitter (@kristinseattle) all day for tweets on the BEDA Conference presentations and what I am up to!