Recovery Resources: Rise Up+Recover App

imageI believe in helping others in recovery through sharing resources and positive tools rather than triggering/negative tips. In that spirit, I would like to share with all of you a great resource that I discovered recently which I absolutely love.

I want to introduce you to the Rise Up+Recover App.

I am a big proponent of apps and technology. I think that they are really easy and convenient to use. Instead of relying on paper, you can simply use your phone or tablet. How much more simple is that?!image(1)

Rise Up is a meal and mood recording app for your phone. It records snacks, meals, and associated moods with meals. It also doubles as a mood record app with a separate place to record your moods throughout the entire day outside of meals. Other features include meal reminders, coping strategies, journal topics, and a link to the Recovery Warriors resources.

One of the reasons why I love this app so much is the ease of use. It is basic yet in depth enough to function great. You can record all your meals and an unlimited amount of snacks easily and quickly while also identifying a wide variety of emotions. If you happen to mess up, you can simply click on it again and go back to edit it. It is QED!image(3)

image(4)With the stand alone mood section piece, it is the same idea as the mood section on the meals but it is for your day, which is especially helpful if meals tend to be especially stressful on their own and not due to your daily activities or any mood disorders you may experience such as Bipolar disorder (like me).

The extra resources are awesome. There are several coping skills, activities, and journal activities/topics. You can also access the Recovery Warriors resources such as the blog and podcast from the app. I think my favorite extra resources are the Body Image coping skills and Journal Activities topics for my private journal. I still struggle with my body image and it is great to do activities that remind me of the true definition of beauty or not to image(2)compare myself to anyone else. The journal topics are incredible, too, for my private journal so I can explore for myself more things that I have yet to write about and continue to explore them later as they change such as the perfectionism tendency, which I still fight. I can even mark my favorite topics and easily come back to them later!

Rise Up+Recover is a great resource to use while in recovery. I hope you consider using it or another app in your journey as apps can be incredibly helpful tools for recovery. They are a resource to go to for support, an aid in therapy, and can help you visualize your own recovery progress.

I encourage everyone to consider using tools such as this app if this sounds like a helpful resource for you in your life and recovery.

The Uncertainty of the Ocean

I was at the beach today.  It was an ocean beach at the Puget Sound.  Usually at the ocean I might put my feet in enough to walk in the sand and water and down the beach, but I never venture far into the water.  I am fearful of what may be in the ocean.  I am afraid of what could be lurking in the waters, especially and specifically because it is not clear.  There could be jellyfish or crab, sharp shells or seaweed, or maybe even a shark!  It is a complete unknown at times what could truly be beneath your feet.  And that frightens me.  Enough to keep me mostly on land.

But today, I walked into the water and kept walking.  I looked at my feet and could hardly catch a glimpse, but I kept walking.  Despite not knowing what was beneath me, I continued walking.  I decided that my desire to be in the ocean amongst the beauty, solitude, and joyfulness was greater than my fear of the unknown and uncertain.

I realized at that moment that I do not know what is in front of me now either.  My world is in a great transition and I am attempting to cope with a low point without turning to my eating disorder again.  This moment and what is before me is a huge unknown and very uncertain.  But I am going to keep walking.  The unknown/uncertain is scary and unnerving but I can face it and overcome it.  Just like the ocean, I can walk through all this scariness and be okay.  I will be okay.

My Recovery Journey: Depression

I have not written much in my blog recently, which makes me sad and disappointed.  I had hoped that I would write in this blog at least every week and continue on the same journey I was on only nine months ago.  A journey of continuous growth, positivity, and possibilities.  As it happened, my life did not end up that way.  The months continued on and I struggled to write and to participate in every day life.  I tried to pretend that things were not as bad as they were as I struggled daily.IMG_2014[1]

Things finally reached a breaking point recently.  After seven months of being ill every day from my past eating disorder and other issues and being depressed for nearly as long, I decided things needed to change.  I have been working to change the things that I can change while working to accept the things that I cannot.  It is an on-going process.

Over the last seven months, I have lost a lot of hope, connection, and ability to participate in things I used to, but in the last several weeks, I have been slowly gaining it back.  I have realized that no matter what depths I may enter or complications in my path, my world continues on and so will I.  I will overcome what obstacle is before me, I will feel better, and I will be okay.  This is not the end of my life, but simply a change in direction or a bump in the road.IMG_0011

This last week I have a new strategy for combating all of this grief and depression I am going through.  Keep busy and keep going!  I have been doing art projects on things like why I want recovery and who I am.  It has been so healing as well as occupying.  I have something to be proud of, something to do, and something that gives me some healing.  How wondrous!  I feel a little better with each project.

All of this will pass.  It is all a part of being Bipolar and the cycles that I experience and it will end as they all do.  And the being sick?  It hopefully is already gone.  I have not felt sick for over two weeks now thanks to a new approach.

There is always hope.  If you are struggling, continue to hang in there.  It shall pass and the sun shall shine again!