Pullman doesn’t exactly have much to do or many restaurants to go to. There are, however, a few diamonds in the rough if you know where to look. Roost Coffee & Market is one of those places. It is a wonderful little coffee and pastry shop off E Main St & SE Spring St.

I ordered up some of my favorite types of pastries and sampled them. I had a croissant, cinnamon brioche, blueberry lemon scone, and a plum cream cheese bread.

My two favorites were the croissant and the plum cream cheese bread. All the pastries were so good and well made that my favorites are simply a matter of taste preference and not a matter of quality. Each were impeccably made, tasty, and perfectly sweet as they should be. The croissant was buttery, the cinnamon brioche was cinnamon-y, the plum cream cheese bread was moist and the right level of sweetness, and the blueberry lemon scone was sweetness personified.

If you’re in Pullman looking for pastries, this is your spot. They have a rotating and large selection of pastries. (These were just four of what were available today.) They also have outdoor seating!

Accessibility: The parking lot is gravel and on a slant. There is a ramp onto the sidewalk. The coffee shop is small. There are only a couple tables inside and out and then some bar stool seating around the windows. The chairs on the inside do not have arms but on the outside they do. There are extra tables in the hallway in the back if the front is full. There is good lighting and it is not very loud here.