Closeup of a calico cat's face sleeping on a blue blanket.We’re in between National Black Cat Day and National Cat Day, so I thought I would take this moment to introduce you to my three kitties—Sweetie, Bandit, and Moxie.

Sweetie is the oldest. She is a medium haired dilute calico. I have had Sweetie since she was just 1 year old in 2009. She has been through so many life changes with me and always been there for me. She is just the best cat ever.

Sweetie loves food, naps, velvet and other soft blankets, only my mom and me, going outside (but not too far!), sunbathing, and cuddling with me. Occasionally I am allowed to give her belly rubs and she loves them.

An orange cat and an orange and black cat cuddle next to each other.Bandit is my partner’s cat. He is needy. He is an orange tabby. He needs to be next to people and cuddled up closely at all times. He can’t even eat alone! I call him my cuddle buddy because he goes under the covers and goes into his “cuddle position”, resting his face on my face and his body on my arm. I can’t really move, see, or do anything, but he’s happy as a clam and purring away.

Moxie is ours together. She is a tortoiseshell calico cat. She’s not yet 2 years old and still learning. When we first got her she was a little terror. She would try to play with Sweetie, who doesn’t even like Bandit, and rile Sweetie up. (Sweetie has to have a bubble around her at all times and these two cats don’t get it sometimes, especially Moxie.)

Eventually she mellowed out and bonded with Bandit. Every day they can be found cuddled up somewhere together. They clean each other and snuggle real close. It is the cutest thing ever. Sweetie is content to cuddle next to me or chill somewhere by herself. As long as the other two respect her boundaries, Sweetie is happy.

I can’t imagine life without them.