For Halloween yesterday, I dressed up in my usual Darth Vader dress. Despite being a Trekkie, I still wear it proudly and watch the Star Wars movies occasionally.

This dress has meaning to me as I got it while visiting Disneyland years ago. My mom and me took a women’s trip down during the quietest time of year—late September. We managed to just catch the first Mickey’s Halloween, which was more than worth the cost as we were able to ride all the rides without lines AND got snacks from trick or treating around the park!

We bought the dress on that awesome trip. It was the one dress out of all the characters that felt and looked good to me.

Not too long later we were taking another trip to Disneyland. It was a happy and sad trip fulfilling a bucket-list wish for a family member. I wore my dress there including to Ariel’s Grotto where we were the oldest people in attendance BY FAR, but we had the best time meeting Ariel and all the other characters.

The dress is special. It holds memories, both happy and sad. It has been with me for years. I love how it fits me at all different body sizes. (The stretchiness is awesome.)

Now I just need a good Star Trek dress just like it….