An image of a brunette woman in a colorful cat dress in front of a white background.I created this website as my personal blog back in 2013.  My goal was document and write about my experience in recovery from an eating disorder.

In 2013, I was only a year into my recovery from my eating disorder.  I was relatively new to what that all meant.  I tried to articulate the struggles and the victories of what I was going through the best I could without leaving myself overly vulnerable since it was always such an emotional time figuring out who I was and how I would make it in the world without this coping mechanism that I had relied on for years.

Not only did I start this website and blog in 2013, I also started volunteering and advocating in the eating disorders field.  I began attending conferences, increasing my knowledge of eating disorders, using my voice on twitter, engaging in discussions with professionals in the field, and volunteering with various organizations.  I received scholarships, volunteered at conferences, and helped coordinate charity walks.

It was all of this work in the eating disorders field and my experiences with accessibility that this blog changed from a blog into a portfolio and website.  All of this work has inspired me to go back to school and get a second Bachelor’s degree in Digital Technology and Culture to be able to be a better advocate and be a better me.

My overall goal is to work in either the eating disorders field or another field with a social justice aspect.  I am interested in working with accessibility and digital spaces as well as engaging in my creative side.  No matter what field I am in, I want to be able to be creative (writing, graphic design, etc.) and make an impact.