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Invisible Disability: The Game

This was a project for my Digital Diversity class. The assignment was to created an intersectional video game. I pitched the concept of using the spoon theory to explain the difficulty of living with an invisible disability and worked with a group to create a game based on that. We used a character and scenario that would be easily understood by the student audience and made our game about a student at Washington State University. Our intersectional issue focused on the intersection of mental health and socioeconomic status.

A cartoon of a woman sitting in an orange chair in front of a desk next to a bed looking sad.
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We & You Always

I created this stop motion animation for a class project.  I had never before created a stop motion animation, so I was very uncertain of how to accomplish this task.  I decided to use the extensive amount of magnets I have around to create a story.  My magnet collection happens to be quite diverse and I was able to create a good story with what I owned.  However, at times, I was also limited by the magnets I owned because some of my collections are bigger than others such as my magnets from different places vs my magnets with words.  I chose the story I did and the title I did because it all fit within the confines of what I had and created a cute story.  The story itself is about a cat that is alone and by itself going through the world who suddenly happens upon a bird.  It then chases a bird and meets the bird’s friends.  The bird and its friends convince the cat to be their friend and join them in their journey through life.  The bird and the cat end up falling in love and the story concludes.  I decided to have the cat and bird fall in love because the cat has lived its life by itself until the bird came along.  Not only did the bird become its friend but introduced it to a whole bunch of other friends.  The cat felt love and understanding and it is in this that the cat felt love and connection with the bird and falls in love.

Oral History

The prompt for this school project called for interviewing someone from a different generation who experiences or experienced technology and media differently from ourselves.  I was able to alter the prompt and interview my partner about his experience as a deaf individual, who uses a BAHA hearing aid, and how he interacts with technology and media differently than the average person.  The reason I wanted to interview my partner rather than stick to the original prompt was that I believe it is important to hear different perspectives on the world that are not often heard.  It can truly be life changing realizing and understanding differences between everyone’s experiences.

White woman with brown hair wearing a purple outfit and a silver necklace and a white man with light brown hair, slight beard, blue shirt, and slightly visible black undershirt both smiling at the camera.

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