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Checklist for Graduation

I used a free public domain website to obtain the graphics for the graduate and list graphic.  I changed the color schemes for both to match the brand colors of WSU.  For the title, I simply used a rectangle behind it for emphasis.  This is one of the first graphics I created.

The Checklist for Graduation Webinar graphic features a silhouette of a graduate in cap and gown holding up a degree next to a checklist. Color scheme is grey, red, and black.

Career Mentors

For this livestream, I decided to use an actual image rather than a vector graphic.  I used a free public domain website for the image.  It was hard to figure out exactly how to portray career mentors since it is an abstract concept, but I finally found this image, which I thought captured two adults in business attire having a meeting.  Since the audience of where I worked skewed older, I thought these two individuals were a good possible representation.  I utilized the WSU secondary brand colors, especially since the blue worked so well with the plate and mug in the image.  I used rectangles to emphasize the writing and ensure it would be seen since the image has no good spot to put titles in it.

The Career Mentors image is of a man and women sitting across from each other and shaking hands over coffee at a cafe. Color scheme is blue, orange, and yellow.

The Impacts of Childhood Trauma

This webinar had an abstract concept for a title.  I finally managed to find an image of a single teddy bear alone in a corner on a free public domain image website that I thought would fit well with the theme.  The image, however, could not be made to fit the length of this banner.  Instead of trying to find another image, I put a layer mask on the side of the image and then used a ton of gradients to cover the side of the image so it looked purposeful and flowed well together.  For the title, I doubled it, so there are two “The Impacts of Childhood Trauma”, with one in the blue and one in black and slightly askew.  I additionally did a drop shadow on the second title so emphasize the title even further.  I added the speaker at the bottom to bring the whole image together and used the blue color in the title.  All the colors I used were WSU brand colors.

The Impacts of Childhood Trauma image is of a lonely bear in the corner of a room. Color scheme is blue, grey, and black.

Discover the Databases of the WSU Libraries

For this webinar, I found a graphic of the seemingly endless file cabinets, a graphic of a computer, and a graphic of gears on a free public domain site.  I used file cabinets because they are similar to databases in that both store vital information and could invoke that idea to the viewer.  I did the file cabinets surrounding the computer, almost coming out of the computer, to put the focus on the computer and that these file cabinets and their data are within the computer, which is where these databases are and what this webinar was about.  I emphasized this choice with the gears to put the focus on computer databases.  I changed the colors of all these items to be the brand colors of WSU.  I used a red rectangle at the top to emphasize the title of the webinar and did a drop shadow as well.

Discover the Databases of the WSU Libraries graphic is of endless grey file cabinets that meet in the middle of the image where a red, white, and grey computer sits with teal gears on the screen.

Using Google Scholar for Research

Since Google is so well known, I tried to use colors and image(s) that would make the audience think Google when viewing the image.  I found a plain graphic on a free public domain site and change the colors to WSU brand colors.  WSU luckily had a red and yellow that were complementary to a Google theme and really emphasized that connection.  The image was looking rather boring, so I used a textured background on the image to make it not look so plain.  I also added a grey rectangle with the date and time of the event as well as the event in a different color than the rest of the titles for emphasis.

The Using Google Scholar for Research graphic has a textured white background with a red circle and a yellow magnifying glass inside of it in the corner. Color scheme is red and yellow.

The Plant-Based Diet

This webinar was easy to find an image for since it is a very concrete topic.  I found an image and several other similar images that I utilized for the other image sizes I created for this webinar on a free public domain site.  The image is simple and easily communicates to the audience that this event will be about food and vegetables.  I used a rectangle around my title and reduced the transparency to be able to match the image behind it better.  I staggered the titles to fill up all the space in the image and varying sizes to communicate the importance of each title.  Instead of WSU brand colors, I used the Eyedropper tool and used a green from the vegetables in the image.

The Plant-Based Diet image features an image of fresh veggies and herbs surrounding a plank of wood.

Resume Writing Workshop

This was a tough graphic to work with.  For some reason the artist decided to leave out body parts (such as a torso or head) in the graphic, which made it look odd.  Since this was the best graphic I could find search through free public domain sites, I decided to carefully use missing parts from other people in the image.  I think it worked out well and I do not think you can tell which people I manipulated and which I did not in the image.  I put the titles of the event to the side because there would not have been a good place to put titles if the image of the business people had taken up the entire space.  I used a gradient and a similar technique to the Impacts of Childhood Trauma graphic to create a solid space for my titles and a grey background to emphasize them.  I used WSU brand colors for the color scheme.

The Resume Writing Workshop graphic is of a line of business women and men and a red check mark next to the only business person not in grey but in black.

From Traditionalist to Gen Z: Generational Differences in Psychology

This was another event with an abstract concept.  I managed to find a picture of a family or what could be a family on a free public domain site.  I chose this particular image because of the range of ages and the overall diversity of the image compared to all the other images I was finding.  I used the WSU brand green color as a rectangle background on the titles because it fit well with the grass and centered the main title the middle of the image since there was no good place to place the title elsewhere and the main title needed a lot of room because of the length.  I thought this still highlighted the family in the background while also communicating and emphasizing the title.

From Traditionalists to Gen Z features an image of a family sitting outdoors showing only their laps and feet and the grass below.

Productive Workplace Feedback

I managed to find a bunch of speech bubbles on a free public domain site and used the different shapes to create a dynamic image.  I randomly spaced and sized the three types of speech bubbles seen in the foreground in the background and piled them on top of each other, ensuring to make it seem deliberate but not too coordinated.  I also flipped the speech bubbles too, so that the ones with left drops flipped right and right drops flipped left.  I made the background all blue and made the front speech bubbles equally colorfully using the other secondary WSU brand colors of yellow, green, and orange.  I used a drop shadow on the titles to emphasize the titles even more.

Productive Workplace Feedback is a graphic featuring a bunch of speech boxes spread throughout the background in blue and in the foreground three speech boxes of varying size depending on importance and in three different colors--orange, yellow, and green.

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