Dystopian/Utopian Collage


For this project, we had to create a collage based on either the idea of a utopia or dystopia using at least six separate image sources.  We also had to scan two items to include in our image.  I chose to create a collage using Adobe Photoshop based on my idea of a utopia.  I chose utopia because I noticed a lot of the individuals in my class were choosing dystopia and I thought it would be a good change of pace.  I managed to find a nice image of the Canadian Rockies for the background and then layer with an image of a valley.  I also placed an image of a cabin.  The images I scanned were an image of a notebook and pen.  The last two items I included were a Bluetooth speaker and an adirondack chair.  I choose all of these items because each represents things that I enjoy and a place that I would be happy in if this existed.  This collage would really represent a true utopia of a good day or a good life in my eyes.  This was the first time I had ever used Photoshop.

Character Design


This project was about creating an avatar or character that would fit in the universe of the novel Ready Player One using Adobe Illustrator.  This was the first time I was working in Adobe and working with Illustrator, so I tried to keep my character basic.  I attempted to create an 8-bit character similar Lara Croft Tomb Raider.  Ready Player One has a lot of 80’s inspiration, which is why I chose an 8-bit theme.  I used only boxes for the creation of my character and only slanted the edge of the sword my character is wielding.  To give my character more depth, I did gradients on her clothing, hair, backpack, and face.