Washington State University


The prompt of this project was to design a new typeface.  For my typeface, I used the grid tool in Adobe Photoshop.  I made all of my letters in a 3×3 box.  While this is perfect symmetry, not all of the letters look the same size or the same at all.  For some letters like the E and F, I had to create an exception and do lines on the half mark of boxes rather than sticking solely to the boxes themselves.  For the quote, I used a block typeface that was similar to the one I created.  I used that particular quote because I thought it was perfect for this particular typeface.  I created something based on a grid and it was not limiting.  A grid gave me something from which to create.

An image of letters designed in a grid form with letters of the alphabet in purple as a border and gold letters in the middle saying "Grids and Graphs" with a quote in gray "To say a grid is limiting is to say that language is limiting," by Ellen Lupton.

Digital Privacy Poster

I created this image as a poster design project on privacy.  I wanted to illustrate the dangers of Big Data on our privacy.  I used the computer with code to symbolize and represent Big Data.  I used the black and white colors to create the dark atmosphere of the topic.  The red is to highlight the most serious concern of the poster in that we cannot opt out because Big Data owns so much of technology and IOT.

An image of a poster with a computer with code and the title is "Big Data".
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