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August 28, 2018

People can be healthy at any weight

Health standards don’t reflect variation in body types, diet industry preys on misinformed public

Column of the Week winner

Graphic in grey-scale of men and women in undergarments with a variety of body types.
There are several definitions of what a health body looks like. Whether or not a person should respect all of these definitions is up to them. / By Nick Sandifer

September 12, 2018

Women need to be more active in local, national politics

Female legislators are proportionally low, voters must make up difference to protect rights

White woman with a red shirt and blonde hair sitting at a metal table talking.
Grace Hendrickson, treasurer of the Political Science Club, speaks about the importance of women involving themselves in politics Saturday in the CUB. / DAVID PEDRAZA

September 17, 2018

Debunking seltzer myths

Healthy eating should not be reduced to just one food, sugar can’t ruin a person’s body on its own

Asian woman in yellow button down shirt sitting at a table smiling.
Alice Ma, registered dietician for WSU Dining Services, speaks about diets and the fine line between calorie counting and eating disorders Friday in the CUB. / JULIA KAMINSKI

September 26, 2018

Pedestrians, drivers should be more aware of surroundings

Distractions while traveling on or near streets are numerous, avoid them to be safer citizens

White male Police Officer sitting at a table in front of a white board and American flag.
Steve Hansen, WSU PD assistant chief, discusses safety problems between pedestrians and drivers and how educating people on the rules of the road can reduce accidents Tuesday at the WSU Police Department. / BENJAMIN MICHAELIS

October 3, 2018

Survivors deserve to be heard

Sexual assault allegations must be investigated before they are discounted

Column of the Week winner & Showcase column

Cartoon of woman in grey reading a newspaper on a bench with a sad, uncomfortable face surrounded by men smiling around her.

October 10, 2018

Weight Watchers, wellness companies are based on lies

Dieting doesn’t work but many exploit this common consumer ignorance for financial gain

White woman with long brown hair, white shirt, and blue hoodie smiling in front of a window and cabinet.
Anne Cox, associate professor of kinesiology, discusses the possible impact the new Weight Watchers rebrand could have on people and students Sept. 28 in the Smith Center for Undergraduate Education. / ALYSSA STANFIELD

October 11, 2018

Nothing is more important to sex than consent

If there is any question that a partner did not give consent, don’t risk it

October 17, 2018

This isn’t an edible apocalypse

New regulations on marijuana products not as strict as they seem, unnecessary to prevent underage use

Image of cannabis in a person's hand.
Compared to alcohol, weed has stricter packaging regulations and changing them won’t make children less likely to consume marijuana. / COURTESY OF PIXABAY

November 1, 2018

We need to act on climate change

Planet’s shifting environment should not be taken lightly: as it currently stands, Earth is facing dark fate

White man with blonde hair and a grey sweater with a red polo underneath half-smiling in an office.
Jan Boll, civil and environmental engineering professor, talks about current and future environmental issues and what can be done to help Oct. 25 in the PACCAR Environmental Technology Building. / STEPHEN MURNANE
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